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Below is a complete list of Restaurants on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas.  Click on featured lake area restaurant links for pictures, reports on the food, atmosphere, website and menu links and more.


Cafe Blue on Lake Travis in Leander, Texas
"We found the restaurant which overlooks the waters of Lake Travis to be a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere, that is even more pronounced around sunset..." read more about CafeBlue

Johnny Fins Floatin Bar & Grill on Lake Travis
"Speaking of seafood, we absolutely love the Catfish and Chips at Johnny Fins.  Not your everyday catfish though, delicate pieces of catfish, made in a special batter you'll..."  read more about Johnny Fins
The Oasis on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas
"The popular lake restaurant which was once subject to the whim of the weather is now bigger and better with indoor and outdoor seating, and lots of it.  Which means..."  read more about The Oasis on Lake Travis


More Lake Travis Restaurants

Cafe Blue
8714 Lime Creek Road
Leander, TX
(512) 996-8188

Carlos 'n Charlie's

5973 Hiline Rd
Austin, TX
(512) 266-1683

Iguana Grill
2900 RR 620 N
Austin, TX
(512) 266-8439



Johnny Fins
16405 Marina Point Rd
Austin, TX
(512) 266-2811

Josey's Bar & Grill
101 Lakeway Dr
Lakeway, TX
(512) 261-7325

The Blu Parrot
Lakeside Bar & Grill
16107 FM 2769
Volente, TX
(512) 300-7940

The Oasis on
Lake Travis
6550 Comanche Trl
Austin, TX
(512) 266-2442
The Pier
1900 American Drive
Lago Vista, TX
(512) 267-7222

Travis Restaurant and Bar
101 Lakeway Dr
Lakeway, TX
(512) 261-7323

Tugg's BBQ
17900 Easy St
Jonestown, TX
(512) 694-0335

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