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Featured West Austin Restaurants

Below is a complete list of Restaurants in West Austin, Texas.  Click on featured restaurant links for pictures, reports on the food, atmosphere, websites & menu links and more.

Chez Zee American Bistro Austin Texas
"great opportunities for a little family bonding. Chez Zee is just the place for these sort of get togethers today, they have been for 20 years..."  read more about Chez Zee

Dragon Gate by Phoenix in Austin, Texas

"You'll find a complete Chinese menu, a Japanese menu, a Hibachi menu and of course the "ever so popular" Sushi menu.  Sushi has certainly been all the rage in Austin lately and..."  read more about Dragon Gate by Phoenix

"good Tex Mex food, plus reasonable prices, equals a successful dining spot that has been duplicated all over town..."  read more about Maudie's

The Oasis on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas
"The popular lake restaurant which was once subject to the whim of the weather is now bigger and better with indoor and outdoor seating, and lots of it.  Which means..."  read more about The Oasis on Lake Travis

Torchys Tacos in Austin, Texas
"their tacos have been referred to as gourmet food in a tortilla.  Like Austin, this place is truly unique from the food to the menu names and the t-shirts..."  read more about Torchy's Tacos

            "We could never complete an Austin Restaurant website without at some point coming around to Waterloo Ice House.  This group of..." read more about Waterloo Ice House  


More West Austin Restaurants

360 Uno
Espresso & Vino

3801 N Cap of Tx Hwy
Austin, TX
(512) 327-4448

Austin's Pizza
3637 Far West Blvd
Austin, TX
(512) 795-8888

Bellagio Italian Bistro
6507 Jester Blvd
Austin, TX
(512) 346-8228

Bert's Bar-B-Q

3563 Far West Blvd
Austin, TX
(512) 345-2378

Boathouse Grill
6812 Ranch Road 620 N
Austin, TX
(512) 249-5200

Boulevard Bar & Grill
3616 Far West Blvd
Austin, TX
(512) 345-3103

Bridgepoint Plaza Cafe

5918 Courtyard Dr
Austin, TX
(512) 342-8817

Chez Zee
5406 Balcones Dr
Austin, TX
(512) 454-2666

3407 Greystone Dr
Austin, TX
(512) 343-9307

Chuy's Hula Hut
3825 Lake Austin Blvd
Austin, TX
(512) 476-4852

County Line On the Lake
5204 Ranch Road 2222
Austin, TX
(512) 346-3664

Craigo's Pizza
& Pastaria
5501 Balcones Dr
Austin, TX
(512) 323-0660

Creekside Cafe
8310 N Cap of Tx Hwy
Austin, TX
(512) 241-1511

Creamery & Cafe

4300 N Quinlan Park Rd
Austin, TX
(512) 266-2590

Dragon Gate
By Phoenix

3801 N Cap of TX Hwy
Austin, TX
(512) 732-7278
Dry Creek Cafe
4812 Mount Bonnell Rd
Austin, TX
(512) 453-9244

Eat Dessert First Cafe
7000 N Mo Pac
Austin, TX
(512) 349-7878

El Arroyo
7032 Wood Hollow Dr
Austin, TX
(512) 345-8434

Eleven Plates & Wine‎
3801 North Cap of Tx Hwy
Austin, TX
(512) 328-0110

Food Food
2727 Exposition Blvd
Austin, TX
(512) 474-8515

Indian Palace
3616 Far West Blvd
Austin, TX
(512) 241-1732

Kneaded Pleasures
Bakery Cafe

3573 Far West Blvd
Austin, TX
(512) 527-0699

La Salsa
3637 Far West Blvd
Austin, TX
(512) 342-1010

Magnolia Cafe
2304 Lake Austin Blvd
Austin, TX
(512) 478-8645

Maudie's Cafe

2608 W 7th St
Austin, TX
(512) 473-3740

Maudie's Milagro

3801 N Cap of Tx Hwy
Austin, TX
(512) 306-8080

Musashino Sushi Dokoro
3407 Greystone Dr
Austin, TX
(512) 795-8593

Nu Age Cafe

2425 Exposition Blvd
Austin, Texas
(512) 469-9390

Oasis on
Lake Travis

6550 Comanche Trl
Austin, TX
(512) 266-2442


5308 Balcones Dr
Austin, TX
(512) 459-3341
River Place Mud
China Garden
4901 China Garden Dr
Austin, TX
(512) 343-2263

Siena Restaurant
6203 N Cap of TX Hwy
Austin, TX
(512) 349-7667

Ski Shores Waterfront Cafe

2905 Pearce Rd
Austin, TX
(512) 346-5915

Smokey J's Barbeque

7008 Ranch Road 620 N
Austin, TX
(512) 331-4888

Tangent Cafe & Catering
6500 River Place Blvd
Austin, TX
(512) 342-0999

Tarry House

3006 Bowman Ave
Austin, TX
(512) 472-8366

The Kitchen Door

3742 Far West Blvd
Austin, TX
(512) 794-1100

Thistle Cafe
3801 N Cap of TX Hwy
Austin, TX
(512) 347-1000

Thunder Cloud Subs

2308 Lake Austin Blvd
Austin, TX
(512) 479-6504

Torchy's Tacos
4211 Spicewood Springs
Austin, TX
(512) 291-7277

Waterloo Ice House

6203 N Cap of Tx Hwy
Austin, TX
(512) 418-9700

ZuZu Handmade
Mexican Food

5770 N Mo Pac
Austin, TX
(512) 467-9295

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