Saccone's Pizza & Subs in Austin, Texas

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If you are a pizza fanatic like us, then you could have pizza just about every day.  What we really love is to find local pizza joints that offer different types than what you would typically find at the chains.  Saccone's Pizza & Subs falls right in line with what we're looking for.  Saccone's tag line...  Pizza with a Jersey Attitude, pretty much sums it up in one statement.

This is an authentic Jersey pizza restaurant run by Dan Saccone, (along with family and friends) who started out in Jersey and decided to bring his pie expertise down to the Austin area.  (Lucky for us!)  If you're not familiar with Jersey pizza...  it's hand tossed dough with pizza sauce and cheese, loaded up with whatever available toppings you would like to add, then baked to a piping hot finish.  It's usually cut into larger slices than other types, and traditionally folded in half while eating.

We've been eating at Saccone's for some time now and we absolutely love the pizza.  You can get a whole pie which is 18" or buy your pizza by the slice.  A couple of our favorites

are the House Special, packed with toppings, or a Cheese Pizza with the sweet sauce and basil.  Delicious.  They also offer a super thin crust, white pizzas, and a Sicilian Pizza which is a deep dish square pizza.

But Saccone's doesn't stop with just that...  you can get hot, fresh Calzones and Stromboli, Pasta dishes, subs and hotdogs.  These aren't the subs and hot dogs you would normally find in Austin though.  We would recommend the Philly to our closest friends and family.  This is a special creation that brings together beef, cheese, onions, peppers and olive oil to make a sensational flavor packed nine inch sub.

Again, in keeping with the Jersey style the hot dogs are large as well and can be loaded up with toppings.  For instance the Double Italian... this monster of a hot dog creation is made with two long Sabrett hot dogs, then loaded with sauteed green peppers, onions and potatoes on a hot Italian roll.  You have GOT TO TRY THIS ONE!  Excellent.

Saccone's is one of the many examples of why we love unique, LOCAL restaurants.  It's a very popular place, so be prepared for a bit of a wait during the busier restaurant hours, but do wait, it's worth your time.

Saccone's Pizza & Subs
11416 N FM 620
Austin, TX
(512) 257-1200